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Sweet Grapefruit Deodorant




Grapefruit is cheerful and uplifting with a sweet, citrus scent that is energizing, uplifting, purifying and cleansing.



Has been put to the test! Its all natural simple odor neutralizing formula is made with pure ingredients like Raw Coconut Oil, Organic Tallow, and naturally refined Shea butter!The Lauric-acid in coconut oil kills odor causing bacteria. This is not an antiperspirant, meaning our deodorant does not block pores keeping toxins trapped. Sweat is not a threat with the rite formula eliminating odor so you’ll stay smelling great. Aluminum free All- natural No parabens Odor neutralizing *Please allow about 4-5 days for your body to detoxify and adjust to The Best Deodorant Ever.(a natural process) -Wash pits thoroughly every night to help cleansing process -Try Sage Tea for excessive sweating INGREDIENTS:¬†Coconut oil, Shea butter, 100% organic grass-fed Tallow, Pure Baking soda, Pure Zinc Oxide, Arrowroot powder, Organic Beeswax, Pure organic oils


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