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Vanilla + Honey Lotion




The rich sweet aroma of vanilla, infused with raw organic honey makes a unique blend of sweet floral honey and vanilla. Smells so good, food for your skin!



Vanilla possesses both antioxidant and cancer-fighting properties


The liquid of wild flower honey provides moisturizing, revitalizing and anti-bacterial effects for skin care.

The Best Lotion Ever

4 oz | BLE is smooth, light, creamy, and a soft full body moisturizer. Excellent for sensitive skin, and allergy prone skin. Our lotion is formulated to help and heal with problematic skin. Tallow balm is one of the worlds earliest and purest forms of all-natural skincare for skin relief naturally! It leaves your skin feeling hydrated and nourished, using only the best and purest ingredients. BLE moisturizes naturally and repairs skin: Treats eczema, acne, burns, dry cracked skin, rashes, redness, scarring and even some signs of aging, also lowers inflammation. A light layer in the morning or just after a shower before bed is all you need for fresh, vibrant skin!Contains vitamins A, D, E, + K. Heals + Repairs + Protects. A little bit goes a long way *Keep out of the sun(restore at room temp.)


INGREDIENTS: Organic grass fed Tallow, Shea Butter, Organic Coco Jojoba oil, Organic Coconut oil, Pure Essential Oil.


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